Intelligence augumented technology toward next generation.
Applied to our daily life and industry.


Levarage the power of science
and sprout a new experience.

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Welcome to MindForce

Technical consulting service
driving your R&D and marketing

Leverage the digital technology

We support customers to transform their business to new form.

Customizing R&D formation

Build an unique organization of your reserch and development making core competence.

Abundant AI knowledge

The hands-on AI methdology such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Analysis.

Rapid prototyping and PoC

We proceed a rapid prototyping to make a feasibility and evaluation.

Follow current trends

The cutting edge technical trend complying with your business insight.

Build the win-win relations

Suggestion for technical alliance and resource including MindForce network.

※If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us.

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Internal Project

Robotics, IoT, from cloud to edge device.

Service Platform is now in preparation.

We are looking for project members

who are resonate with our mission.


Latest News

1st / April / 2018:   Opened our site


"Company D / CEO"

"We sought an appropriate solution to prove a technical concept complying with our strategy. You greatly supported our business development by playing a role based on well experienced knowledge. It’s especially amazing to build a rapid prototype and give us an accurate advise regarding AI."


Company Information

Company name:

MindForce, Inc.


Zip:160-0022 Shinjuku 7th Hayama building, 1-36-2, Shinkuku, Shinku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Business domain:

Consulting service, Internet service, Software and hardware license.


Takehiro Sekine


Feburuary 2018